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Nov 06 2017
by Hannah Valdez

Midterm Week as Told By 'Bob's Burgers'

By Hannah Valdez - Nov 06 2017

Mid-term season is in full-swing, or just about over now. Some of you may have taken your exams, or may be taking them now. Here are some of the thoughts that we all have about this special time of year – as told by Bob's Burgers!

1. "I swear we just got to school a few weeks ago. How is this possible??"

It seems like it was only yesterday that we got to school, moved in and started our classes. Now it seems like the world is crashing down when your professors expect you to remember everything that you've learned since August. 

2. "Okay, the professor DEFINITELY didn't cover this. Is it even in the textbook??"

Even though we've all studied for our classes, there are always one or two professors who include information that was not mentioned at ANY POINT during the first part of the term. Make sure to read any books or assignments that your professor has given you to ensure that you don't end up freaking out on the midterm.

3. "Don't panic. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts."

It feels like we shouldn't be taking tests yet, but think positive and get to studying!

4. "Okay. So if I study until 3 a.m., sleep for a few hours and go to my 8 a.m., I should be able to function tomorrow."

Coming from someone who does this a lot, it is NOT a good idea to pull an all-nighter studying and then go to your early class. Instead, space out your studying in periods of 45 minutes every few hours so that you don't burn yourself out the day before your exam.

5. "Yeah, nope. Bad plan." 

As I said, staying awake through all hours of the night is not a great idea, especially if your exam is the next day. You'll feel run down almost immediately after you wake up and you may not be able to concentrate during the test.

6. "I never should have missed that class to binge-watch Netflix."

Later in the semester, you begin to realize that the one time you missed class to watch 'Friends' on repeat probably wasn't in your best interest. 

7. "How on EARTH did everyone finish the exam so quickly??"

In one of my classes, there's someone who always finishes tests almost 20 minutes before everyone else. Did they cheat? Are they just insanely smart?? The only thing that you can worry about is yourself and how you do on the exam. 

8. " How am I supposed to stay sane when I have multiple exams?"

The other problem is that you have more than one class, which means that you have a TON of tests to study for. You are going to be stressed out. Cry. Pray. Scream. Do what you've got to do. I promise that it will be over before you know it. 

9. "Maybe if I pull the fire alarm, the midterm would get cancelled..."

Okay, don't tell me that you haven't thought about disrupting the test so that it gets delayed. But don't pull fire alarms. That could get you into serious trouble. 

10. *Is told to find an available seat in the lecture hall* *Ends up next to the kid who keeps tapping their pencil on the desk*

Even though a situation like this could be SUPER annoying, try your best to tune it out. If you still have issues with blocking out distractions, ask your professor if you can move somewhere else in the room. 

11. "In case I fail this midterm, I need to have some alternative career choices lined up."

Exam weeks may make you ask yourself if you really want to even do this college thing. Keep the end goal in mind and remember that tests are just stepping stones to that diploma.

12. "I studied for hours. I had my coffee. Let's DO THIS."

Now that you've remembered all of the information for your classes and gotten some caffeine in your system, you're ready! 

I hope that all of your midterms go well! Sending positive vibes from FSU!

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