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Nov 22 2017
by Hannah Valdez

8 Cool Classes That You Can Take At Florida State University

By Hannah Valdez - Nov 22 2017

There are college courses available now that cover pretty much anything and everything that you may want to learn about. In my opinion, Florida State University has some of the most unique classes and these are available to any student, regardless of their major. I like that they offer opportunities to learn about subject areas that you may not normally be exposed to, and offer new insight to the world around you. From bowling to Beyonce, there's bound to be a class that suits your interests!

* You can find all classes that the university offers on the school's registrar website.

1. PEL 1111– Bowling

Benjamin Faust via Unsplash

This class is offered at FSU's bowling alley, Crenshaw Lanes, located in our student union. Most take the class to practice for the bowling team, but anyone can sign up to take the class! No matter what your skill level is, it's still a fun way to take a break from your gen-ed courses!

2. IFS2079 – Fantasy Girls: Women and Girls in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Wikimedia Commons

The course discusses the roles that women play in the world of science fiction and other works of fiction. It also focuses on the effect that feminist movements have had in superhero movies over the years. Girl power.

3. IFS2038 – From Ballet to Beyonce: Gender and the Body In Dance and Pop Culture

Sarah Cervantes via Unsplash

The way that shows and performances are choreographed can make all the difference when talking about the effect that show has on others. This course dives into the significance of staging the body in productions, and also discusses gender stereotypes that have been changed. 

4. PEM1952– Circus

Becky Phan via Unsplash

Yes, you read that right! FSU is one of the only universities in the nation that harbors an operating circus program, complete with our own big top! Sign up for this class to learn the basics of acrobatics, stage production and more.

5. HFT 2060 – Coffee, Tea, and International Culture

Igor Miske via Unsplash

This class falls into the School of Hospitality and Tourism here at FSU, and focuses on the cultural importance of tea and coffee in different cultures around the world. You'll feel more sophisticated on your next trip to Starbucks, guaranteed. 

6. IFS 3069 – Just Torture

FSU's general bulletin describes the course material as "the history and genealogy of modern torture and recent proposals to legalize these practices." Take this class to get into the minds of some of the most well-known psychopaths and sadists and delight your inner detective. 

7. MUN 2311– Choral Union

David Beale via Unsplash

Choral Union is a music ensemble open to all students, regardless of your major. The class is led by master's students and they take turns directing choir pieces that the members get to sing. This is one of my favorite classes, but maybe I'm a little biased since I'm a music major! Even if you don't choose music as your career path, it's still a super fun class to be a part of!

8.  IFS 3024 – Sociology of Hip Hop Culture

Soren Astrup Jorgensen via Unsplash

In this class, students take a deeper look at the messages that lie within new and classic hip-hop and rap music and analyze their sociological effect on our society. It also gives you a chance to show how hip-hop has brought people of all backgrounds together. Plus, it counts as an E-Series credit required for graduation! 

Hopefully these will help you to pick some new classes for the spring semester, and maybe open a door for you to learn about something new an interesting! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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