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Aug 31 2017
by Hannah Valdez

5 Simple Meals That You Can Make With A Keurig in Your Dorm Room

By Hannah Valdez - Aug 31 2017

I know it sounds pretty crazy, but there are many different meals that you can make with a Keurig coffee maker in addition to coffee. Use these five ideas to get some inspiration and fix yourself a good meal without spending a ton of money or having to leave the dorm!

1. Oatmeal

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For a quick meal before those awful 8 AM classes, run hot water through your Keurig and pour it over a packet of instant oatmeal. Top it off with your favorite fruits and nuts for a delicious, healthy meal to start off your day!

2. Spaghetti

Pawel Rekas on Unsplash

Tired of instant ramen? Try cooking some pasta instead! This recipe is a little more time-consuming, but the end result is totally worth the wait. Put the uncooked pasta in a bowl and run hot water through the Keurig, however many times is necessary, and drain until the pasta is tender. Mix in some of your favorite pasta sauce and top with some grated cheese for an easy meal. 

3. Mac and Cheese

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For a simple lunch or dinner, grab a container of Easy Mac and run hot water through the Keurig, then pour it into the container. Let it sit for a few minutes and dig in! To change it up a bit, add some bacon bits!

4. Veggie Soup

Piotr Miazga on Unsplash

You can make your own brothy soup with bouillon cubes from the grocery store and hot water. Take a few of the cubes and put them in a bowl or mug, then run hot water through your Keurig. Once the cubes dissolve, add green onions, carrots or anything else that you want!

5. Cold Asian Noodle Salad

Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Similar to the spaghetti instructions, take some uncooked pasta and run hot water over it, letting it sit and then switching it out a few times. Once the noodles cool, add peanut sauce (you can find this at the grocery store), veggies, salt and pepper, and let it cool in the fridge. 

I hope that these food hacks make your dorm life a little bit easier. From experience, I will tell you that some of these will involve some trial and error, but they work. Feel free to take these recipes and make them your own, and have a great semester!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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