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Oct 18 2017
by Hannah Valdez

10 Things To Do At College Instead Of Going Out On The Weekends

By Hannah Valdez - Oct 18 2017

Are you a college student who isn't super crazy about going clubbing on the weekends? Or maybe you like exploring your town's nightlife but want to try something a little different? Here are ten things that you can do alone or with your friends as an alternative to going out!

1. Find a dance group on campus.

Keenan Constance via Unsplash

Most campuses have dance clubs available to students for free multiple times a week! My school has salsa groups, swing dancing, tap dancing and many more! I have met some cool people through these classes, and you don't have to be a pro either.

2. Take advantage of free events.

Aranxa Esteve via Unsplash

Universities, public and private alike, often host events like trivia, sports competitions, comedy shows and more. Check out the schedule for your school, and go to whatever activities that they have going on!

3. Have a game/movie night with friends.

JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash

Something fun that I have done with my roommates was having a movie night in, where we watched our favorite movies together. This is a super easy thing to do, and you can stay in your PJ's! Also, if you have a game system or board games in your dorm, invite a few people over and play!

4. Get in touch with your inner chef.

Taylor Grote via Unsplash

Get a group of your friends together and cook a meal for each other! Maybe you have been wanting to bake cookies or try making a recipe that reminds you of home. Make a night out of it!

5. Explore a new place on/off campus.

Tegan Mierle via Unsplash

If you live near a wildlife park or springs like I do, get a group together and go camping for the night! Maybe you haven't gotten around to trying that new restaurant near your campus. Find a place that you haven't been to before, and check it out.

6. Attend a sporting event.

Nathan Shively via Unsplash

Since we're in the middle of college football season, it's a perfect opportunity to spend your time out at a game. If football isn't your thing, try going to watch another sport like volleyball, basketball or soccer.

7. Check out a concert.

Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

From time to time, concerts will show up on campus ranging from rap to rock to classical and everything in between. Performances in the school of music are often free, and other shows on campus typically aren't super expensive. You can also find a venue in a neighboring city to see a show for a low cost.

8. Go to the gym.

Martin Barak via Unsplash

If you have nothing to do on a weekend night, go to the gym! It tends to be less crowded when others are out at clubs, so that means no awkward moments of standing around waiting to use the machines.

9. Study

Alex Read via Unsplash

I know this probably wouldn't be anyone's first choice (including mine), but college students pretty much always  have something to study for. Get your work done before the weekend ends and you're forced to rush through the assignment.

10. Find a place to play trivia.

Nick Hillier via Unsplash

Trivia can be a lot of fun! You can find events based on your favorite movie series, different decades, pop culture and more! Grab a few friends, make a team and go have fun.

I hope that these ideas will help you to switch up your weekend routine, and try new things on campus!

Lead Image Credit: Arthur Poulin via Unsplash

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Hannah Valdez - Florida State University

Voice Performance Major at Florida State University

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