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Oct 27 2015
by Hannah Schwinne

The 10 Biggest Struggles of Being in a Group Chat

By Hannah Schwinne - Oct 27 2015

1. Whenever you send something funny, but other people are already talking so nobody pays attention to your text.

2. When you get added into a group chat, but you don't have anyones numbers yet.

3. When you're trying to do your homework, but your phone just won't stop going off.

4. When everyone in the group chat is trying to make plans at the same time and nobody knows what's happening.

5. When the group decides to hang out and you can't go so you're having intense FOMO.

6. When you get added to a group chat that has been going on for a while and you're trying to understand what's going on.

7. When you had stuff to do all day, then eventually check your phone and have 1,000+ messages to catch up on.

8. When you want to reply to a particular message but the conversation has already moved on.

9. When the whole squad is roasting you in the chat.

10. And when you're trying to keep up with everything that's going on in the chat but you just can't.

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Hannah Schwinne - University of Toledo

Hannah Schwinne is a freshman at the University of Toledo majoring in broadcasting. In high school, she was an all star cheerleader. She likes books, music and babysitting. You can follow her on Twitter @hannah_schwinne!

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