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Nov 30 2015
by Hannah Schwinne

College: Expectations vs. Reality

By Hannah Schwinne - Nov 30 2015
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When we moved into college, we all had so many expectations for everything, from friends, to dorms, to everything in between. Most of us have by now realized that our expectations are nowhere even close to the actual realities. Here are some of the major standouts:

1. Dining hall expectations: 

Literally every option of food you could ever want, gourmet everything all the time, and so much better tasting than anything you ever had in high school.

Dining hall realities: 


2. Party expectations: 

Getting into all of the parties, having more fun than you've had in your entire life, and everyone being coherent and nice and put together.

Party realities: 

People everywhere, so much so that you can't move, drunk sweaty bodies everywhere you look, and did I mention how hot it is?

3. Weekend expectations: 

Going out every night all dressed up and having the time of your life the whole weekend, while also managing to get all of your homework done and study for all of your classes.

Weekend realities: 


4. Money expectations: 

Yeah sure things will be a little tight but it's okay and my parents will always be able to help me out if I need it.

Money realities: 

You will literally never have money.

5. Wardrobe expectations:

 Every day you will look nice and put together for all of your classes, no matter how early.

Wardrobe realities: 

Wearing the same pants three days in a row and hoping nobody will notice.

6. Dorm expectations: 

Everything is always cleaned and it's place inspired by Pinterest that is perfectly coordinated with your roommates side.

Dorm realities: 

It's probably a mess of mismatched furniture and pizza boxes that you have yet to throw out.

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Hannah Schwinne - University of Toledo

Hannah Schwinne is a freshman at the University of Toledo majoring in broadcasting. In high school, she was an all star cheerleader. She likes books, music and babysitting. You can follow her on Twitter @hannah_schwinne!

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