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Nov 07 2015
by Hannah Schwinne

5 Struggles of Someone with an On-Campus Job

By Hannah Schwinne - Nov 07 2015

As anyone who has an on-campus job knows, sometimes it is so convenient to not have to drive and have a bunch of traffic on the way to work. But, it can be one of the biggest struggles too and here are the reasons why:

1. Hours

A lot of times you have to work when you would much rather be doing something else. There's nothing worse than your friends asking if you want to do something, but you can't because you have to work during that time. Adding to this, lots of times campus jobs will require you to work on weekends which prevents you from taking a trip home.

2. People Recognize You

This is especially true if you work somewhere like a dining hall or front desk of a building. People remember you, and nobody wants to be known as the person who cleans up the food off of the floor in the Union. But it isn't so bad if you're working a front desk, because people may stop to talk which can make your shift seem faster.

3. Gross

Lets be honest, college students are disgusting sometimes. There isn't much on the list of things you'd rather be doing that's lower than cleaning up after us. We don't even like cleaning up after ourselves so make sure you're courteous to those who do clean up after you!

4. Money

If you are working, there's a good chance all of the money is going towards your tuition or room and board. This sucks because you never get to see it or spend any of it. You're working for a good reason but it can sometimes feel like you're working for nothing since you don't get to see the money you're earning. And, if you're getting a check, chances are it isn't for that much because of minimum wages and a small number of hours.

5. Nobody Understands

Well that may be an exaggeration. There are lots of people in the same position as you, but if you are friends with a lot of people who don't have jobs, they may not understand the concept of actually having to work. Especially at times the night before you have an early shift and they want to go out and stay up late despite the fact you would have to wake up about two hours after going to sleep.

With all of that being said however, having an on-campus job isn't too bad, and it is a good idea for people who want or need money and don't have a way to get somewhere off-campus. If you're lucky enough to get an on-campus job, be grateful for it and take advantage of the opportunity to work on-campus.

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Hannah Schwinne - University of Toledo

Hannah Schwinne is a freshman at the University of Toledo majoring in broadcasting. In high school, she was an all star cheerleader. She likes books, music and babysitting. You can follow her on Twitter @hannah_schwinne!

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