We all have wished at one time in our lives that we could have super powers of some sort. Most people wish for the ability to become invisible, while others wish for the ability to fly. However, college students could use some other unique super powers to help make our lives easier too. Here are a few of the ones that would really help us out.

1. Teleportation

This one is a given, especially if its freezing cold in the dead of winter, or if your class is far away from your dorm. But lets be honest, we would use this power all the time to avoid having to walk. It would be so convenient. Running late? No problem! In an awkward situation? Just teleport somewhere far away from there. 

2. Photographic Memory

Just imagine... if photographic memory was a thing, your days of pulling all-nighters to study for exams and make sure you know every single piece of material inside and out would be over. You would be able to sleep whenever you wanted! Looking over the material once would be enough to learn and retain all of the material you could ever want to know.

3. Rewind Button

Lets think back on all of the times you made a mistake and wished you could go back and change it. Okay, now lets stop thinking about that because its upsetting. Instead, let's think of how amazing it would be if we had a rewind button we could use whenever we wanted. 

4. Unlimited Health

We all are at risk of getting sick considering all of the people we are around on a daily basis, and all of the different things we have to touch. We also can't really afford to miss class considering that we waste money every time we do. If we could just replenish our health every time it started to go downhill that would be maybe the most useful super power of all.

5. Make Clones

If I could have clones of myself to do all of the things I didn't want to do, like take out the trash, do my laundry, etc., that would make my life so much easier and I think most people would agree. There are only so many hours in a day and only so much we can get done in those hours, so the more help we can have, the better life becomes.

6. Hyper-Intelligence

How amazing would it be to just know everything? I'll go ahead and answer for you...super awesome! You wouldn't even need the photographic memory if you had unlimited knowledge of anything and everything you could dream of. There would be no stress over going to class, taking notes, or stressing over exams.

7. Ability to Make Food Anytime, Anywhere

This might be my personal favorite on the list because to be completely honest, I love to eat. I mean who doesn't, right? But we all know how big of a hassle it is to walk to the dining hall every time we're hungry. Especially when it's freezing cold or raining outside. If we could just make food wherever and whenever we wanted it, all of our lives would be content.

8. Be Able to Shave with Super Speed

Shaving honestly takes so long, and between classes, work, and extra curricular's, it is super difficult to keep up on (as disgusting as it may sound you know it's true). Having the ability to shave as quickly as we do other things like brush our teeth would be great because we wouldn't be wasting any of our precious time on it anymore.

9. Amazing Cleaning Ability

Lets face the facts: a LOT of us have super messy dorms and no time (or motivation) to clean it because it will take forever and we're just dreading the whole process. If we could just clean it really well one time, then use this power to keep it clean, you would live so much better because your room wouldn't be a cluttered mess at all times.

10. Have an Extremely Charming Personality

Meeting people can be very scary for some people. Lots of people experience anxiety over meeting new people all the time and most of the time their nervousness comes from fear that the new person won't like them. However, there would be no reason to be afraid if you had a charm that nobody could resist. It would make the normally awkward encounters not seem so intimidating after all. 

Lead Image Credit: http://cdn.list25.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/superpowers.png