To all my new sisters,

There’s no sugarcoating it: Recruitment was hard. Emotions ran high and by the end of the week we were all exhausted from late evenings and early mornings; not to mention, waking up even earlier out of anxiety for that dreaded phone call saying your week was cut short. We heard “Trust the system!” just over a million times, and even though everyone had been through it, it seems like they don’t understand just how hard it is to do that sometimes. But, we made it out alive—and here we are. I can’t believe how true that saying, the one we all heard one-too-many-times, proved to be.

Due to some unique circumstances, I was unable to make it to Bid Day events, and I remember being so scared that things would be awkward because of that. But when some of the girls I knew returned to our dorm and saw that I was back, they were full of nothing but excitement to greet their new sister. I remember my first time walking through the door as a Pledge that night—when I walked in, I walked into open arms and smiles, and comfortable, easy conversation. Nothing was forced or awkward, and that was when I realized I had found where I belonged.

Then came Clue Week and Big/Little reveal. It all seemed to happen fast, but by the time we had to preference girls to be our Bigs, I knew hands down who I wanted. We got clues and small gifts throughout the week in anticipation of the big reveal; and that night we walked into girls wrapped up in wrapping paper, waiting for us to find out who they were. I was more than excited when I pulled back the wrapping paper (love you Biggie!) and along with our Bigs came Grand Bigs, Great Grand Bigs, and maybe even some “cousins” and “aunts.” We all went out with our families afterwards, and sitting around that table eating ice cream and talking about the silly, endearing things our moms do gave me a sense of belonging I will never forget.

I love knowing that when I walk into the house, there will always be someone there who I can talk to, whether we’ve talked before or not. That’s the beauty of our house, and our sisterhood—there’s always someone with a smile, ready to hear whatever you have to say. We are truly beginning to find our places here as Tri Deltas; we’re beginning to find our home.

All of that being said, I am so excited to go on this journey with all of you lovely ladies, my Sisters. Remember—Poseidon and Pansies, Pine Trees and Pearls.



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