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Oct 26 2016
by Hannah Belle Hurt

4 Steps to Amazing Halloween Costumes on a College Budget

By Hannah Belle Hurt - Oct 26 2016
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October is a time for sweaters, pumpkin spiced everything and the first temperature drops of fall; but most importantly, October is a time for Halloween. It is an excuse to break out the scary movies, take a girl to a haunted house in hopes that she will grab your hand and to dress up and be whoever, or whatever, you want to be. However, costume parties and trick or treating can be quite scary when we look at the costs of Halloween costumes, but have no fear. Inspiration is not waiting at the end of a corn maze with a chainsaw. Go to your local costume shop and look for costumes you can make yourself or that give you an idea. Get inspired by your favorite celebs and pop culture icons. It is no ghoulish task to make your own costume. All it takes is a little creativity, thrifting and the occasional craftiness.

1. Creep Around in Your Closet

A lot of costumes can easily be made with clothes already in your closet. Maybe focus your look on a more mundane human character from a movie. While “Pride and Prejudice” may not be hiding in your closet, perhaps a Wednesday Addams, Rosie the Riveter or a Wayne and Garth can be found. Maybe even look at ghosts of Halloween costumes past, and try to recycle an old costume into something new. If all else fails, do not be afraid to ask a friend what you could borrow. 


2. Thrift, Thrift, THRIFT

So you don’t have that totally rad neon, polyester windbreaker to complete your 90’s look lying around in your closet. That is OK. Goodwill and any of your other local thrift stores have a plethora of clothing history in their racks. Are you a Bride of Frankenstein without a wedding dress? Are you a zombie but you just do not have any clothes you want to bloody up? Thrift shops are your best bet for anything vintage, but they are also good for any of those random pieces you may need. You can also find deals on simple basics that you may need, but just do not want to spend the full amount to purchase, like say a denim jacket for your John Bender costume. 


3. Utilize Makeup

Whether it is as simple as a unibrow for Frida Kahlo or as detailed as blood and guts with latex and props, makeup is an easy one-and-done costume. The best way to not spend money is to use whatever makeup you may already have, but if you still need more, makeup made especially for Halloween comes at some pretty decent prices.

Mickey Moten via Flickr Creative Commons
Stanislav Istratov via Flickr Creative Commons

4. Get Crafty

Get out your glitter, fabric paint and hot glue gun, because it is time to put a little elbow grease into this. While creating your own costume may take time, craft supplies usually are a lot cheaper than clothes or costumes. It just takes some planning, blood, sweat and tears. 


Just because your budget may suffer does not mean that you have to also. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own costumes. You can stand out in your unique costume and brag about your new profound skills. Don't let a pre-packaged, over-priced costume define your Halloween desires.

Lead Image Credit: Apatow Productions, DreamWorks Television

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Hannah Belle Hurt - Butler University

Hannah is an Environmental Studies major at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. She is a lover of caffeine, Food Documentaries, and foliage. She is from Nashville, Tennessee and began writing for FreshU in May of 2016. Follow her on Instagram @hannahbelle97 and twitter @hanabelle97.

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