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Aug 18 2016
by Hannah Holzer

'Wall In Trump' Project Plans to Build Sandbag Wall in Front of Trump Building

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 18 2016

Four friends are teaming up to create a wall made from approximately 250,000 pounds of sand. Said wall will be built in front of a Trump-associated building in New York, and the piece will protest the business magnate who popularized the idea of building a wall during his campaign for the presidency.

The friends, who introduce themselves on their project’s Indiegogo page, will construct the proposed 200-foot long wall on August 30. Three of the friends met in college, and the four – who are all interested in design – state that they “know this U.S. election is too important to idly stand by and watch, and feel compelled to do something about it.”

“America was built by people of different ethnicities and creeds, who came to this country with a dream,” their Indiegogo site reads. “This has made America great – walls and bigoted statements are the antithesis of this country. Our event will support others in achieving their American dream. We have chosen to donate all proceeds to the NYC-based "I Have a Dream" Foundation, whose mission is to empower low-income students in achieving higher education.”

This project, named “Wall In Trump” is selling sandbags for $10 each. When a sandbag is bought, it is inscribed with the buyer’s personal message and name. Wall In Trump is asking for about $60,000 and has only brought in about $8,500.

Why a wall? The website explains:

“Our hope is that by building this ridiculously MASSIVE wall, we can use Trump's words against him to grab the attention of media, Trump supporters, and Mr. Trump himself - in an attempt to fight the hate-speech and lies that pervade his campaign. We want to start a conversation - to remind people that this election is about much more than Republicans or Democrats. We are deciding on the next role model for the youth our country, on whether or not diversity is seen as something to celebrate or fear. We need to make the right decision.”

If interested, donations can be sent in here.

“Join us in making this the only wall of the Trump campaign,” their video states.

Lead Image Credit: Wall In Trump video via Indiegogo

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Hannah Holzer - UC Davis

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