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Aug 21 2016
by Hannah Holzer

Swimmer's Heart Stops During a Meet, School Rallies Around Her

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 21 2016

 In a heartwarming twist to a terrifying incident, every single student at Alvirne High School in New Hampshire was taught CPR after Ashley Dumais, a swimmer on the school’s team, had her heart stop during the middle of a competitive race.

The swim team was competing at the University of New Hampshire, American Heart Association News reports, when Dumais went into cardiac arrest during the 50-meter freestyle. Luckily, parents attending the meet included an EMT, an intensive care nurse and an anesthesiologist who teamed up to perform CPR while a student of UNH located a nearby automated external defibrillator (AED).

Dumais is thought to have a long QT syndrome, a genealogical heart condition which disrupts the heartbeat – although she has reportedly been okay since the incident in the pool.

After missing school, Dumais dropped by a swim meet which was being held on her way back from the hospital; once there, she discovered that each of her teammates had painted her name on their arms.

Additionally, the school rallied together and raised over $1,000 for medical expenses which was not needed due to insurance coverage. Instead, the money was spent to purchase AEDs for Dumais’ high school, which, beforehand, did not own any.

And the Dumais family helped organize a CPR training day for over 1,500 people. When organizing the training, the company supplying the medical equipment used for the training donated their services, so the money set aside for the training will be used to purchase another AED.

According to American Heart Association News, Ashley Dumais will be attending Husson University in the fall and is spending her summer as a lifeguard.

Lead Image Credit: Bob Cornellier via Flickr Commons

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