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Aug 01 2016
by Hannah Holzer

This Olympic Athlete Predicted Her Amazing Future Five Years Ago

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 01 2016

As if having the status of both soon-to-be college graduate and Olympic athlete wasn’t impressive enough, Morolake Akinosun seems to also possess psychic powers akin to That’s So Raven – that, or the 22-year-old runner is just extremely goal-oriented.

In July of 2011, the athlete tweeted out a prediction of what her life would be like in 2016.

Now, Akinosun is reflecting on that same tweet and goals that turned out to be realities.

Akinosun will be representing the U.S. during the Olympics in the 4x100 meter races. She will also be graduating from the University of Texas later this year. 

Lead Image Credit: studiocopan; Liz Copan via Flickr Commons

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