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Aug 15 2016
by Hannah Holzer

Large Universities Where Graduates Go On to Earn the Least Amount of Money

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 15 2016

In deciding to invest in one’s own education, it is paramount to ensure that the investment will prove beneficial in the long run. Especially with heightened tuition rates, deciding where to attend often depends on whether or not that buy-in will be worth it.

Studies such as one published by the National Center for Education Statistics have found that those with Bachelor’s degree or degree of higher levels are 22 percent more likely than those just with high school degrees to attain employment. Studies like these are examples as to why degrees matter in the modern job search.

However, this study, published by StartClass, examined the largest universities with the lowest pay-offs. The study focused on four-year, undergraduate colleges with a student population of 15,000 or more and then found the results of the study based on “median earnings 10 years after enrollment.”

StartClass notes that their study is of importance because it represents around 70 percent of the post-secondary education graduates.

Topping the list is Everest University of South Orlando with a median earning 10 years after graduating of approximately $25,300. Following Everest on the list of 50 is South Texas College with $29,100, Keiser University with $29,600 and Miami Dade College with $30,500.

Other notable colleges on the list include Boise State University with $35,300, BYU Idaho with $39,000, Mississippi State University with $39,600 and the University of Mississippi with $40,600.

Although holding a college degree in itself holds merit, certain colleges can take you farther in world of financial earnings than others.

Lead Image Credit:  onasill via Flickr Commons

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