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Aug 18 2016
by Hannah Holzer

These Colleges Had the Biggest Decrease in Applicants

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 18 2016

A decrease in applicants is never good news for any college. Such an event might foreshadow a later decrease in donations, popularity or funding.

StartClass, a research institute which publishes statistics and/or new or possible trends all relating to U.S. universities recently published this list of 50 colleges with the greatest decrease in applicants.

The study only included those colleges with 2,000 undergraduates or more. In calculating the percent decrease, the number of applicants from 2004-05 was compared with those applicants from 2014-15.

The college with the greatest decrease is Alcorn State University, a college in Mississippi, with a 69.45 percent decrease in applicants. Other colleges in the top 15 include Alabama State University, number 11, with a 33.06 percent decrease and the United States Air Force Academy, number 15, with a 28.12 percent decrease.

Other notable colleges on the list include the University of Missouri-St. Louis down 25.34 percent, Northeastern down 11.13 percent, Rutgers (Camden) down 11.52 percent alongside Rutgers (Newark) down 11.2 percent. Additionally, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee lost 8.23 percent of past applicants.

Although making this list is not exactly boastful news, if your college appears, the reasoning why could pertain to a number of factors – for example, if the college became more selective, applicants might have become dissuade or intimidated. 

Lead Image Credit: jpbeard via Flickr Commons

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