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Aug 24 2016
by Hannah Holzer

This College Student Has Designed Jewelry for Celebrities Like Fetty Wap and Jamie Foxx

By Hannah Holzer - Aug 24 2016

 Aspiring designers who dream to clothe and accessorize celebrities after establishing their brands and learning the ropes in school are common. But current college students who have already established themselves by appearing on the likes of Johnny Depp and Jamie Foxx are few and far between.

However, such is the case for Ariel Neman, a junior at Baruch College, who is, surprisingly, a pre-dental student. But Neman is considering pursuing his passion for jewelry design and fashion.

“It’s a lot on my plate, being a jewelry designer and trying to manage school at the same time,” Neman told The New York Post. “People tell me that one day I’ll have to choose, but I’m just trying to keep the balance going for now.”

Neman’s brand is Regime New York, a unisex jewelry line which has garnered such fans as Jamie Foxx, Fetty Wap, Johnny Depp, Post Malone and Tyga. Regime NY jewelry ranges in price from $80 to $300. The pieces have such elements as keys, crosses, animal symbols and skulls.

'Neman has paved Regime as a unique aesthetic to the fashion market by creating timeless and innovative jewelry pieces,' the Regime NY website states. 'With (a) rich taste for high quality and design, all pieces are made right in the heart of the fashion capital in New York City. Granting each piece to have the craftsmanship that this market is so eagerly waiting for. Envisioning a revolution to fashion allows Regime to push the mark on ingenuity by catering to both men and woman.'

Congrats to Neman on his success at such a young age. It just goes to show that you can pursue your passions even when they're so diverse from your major.

Lead Image Credit: Instagram

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