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Jul 20 2016
by Hannah Holzer

This 16-year-old Will Earn An Associate's Degree and Make History at Clark College

By Hannah Holzer - Jul 20 2016

Just last month, Danielle Francom graduated from Heritage High School. Now, in less than a month, she will earn her associate’s degree and graduate from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. At just 16, Francom is poised to be one of the youngest graduates ever to receive an associate degree from the college founded in 1933.

Aside from impacting the school’s recent history with her young age, she is also connected to a part of the school’s older history – her great-grandfather, Lewis D. Cannell, was one of the first deans of Clark College and held the position for 35 years.

According to The Columbian, after her graduation Francom will start school at Washington State University not as a freshman, like many other students two years her age, but as a junior. From a young age, Francom established her place ahead of her classmates, and by the time she was a freshman in high school, she had earned enough credits to skip her sophomore year.

At 14, she was accepted into Running Start. According to their website, Running Start is a program offered to "high school juniors and seniors seeking to earn college credits while completing their high school education."

Francom plans to graduate WSU in two years and go to medical school at Harvard or Stanford.

“First, I wanted to be a veterinarian, which led me to doctor, which led to surgeon, which led to neurosurgeon, which could lead to a really good career in research,” Francom told The Columbian. “I love fixing things and solving puzzles.”

Congrats to Francom and good luck!

Lead Image Credit: hollysuewho; via Flickr Commons

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