If you will be a UC Davis Aggie come September and you happen to be enrolled in the school’s renowned engineering department, you might have a class with Tanishq Abraham. But this 12 year-old is no one’s little brother, nor is he a freshman – this Aggie junior will be studying biomedical engineering.

Abraham already earned three associates degrees from American River College, where he made history as the youngest student from ARC to graduate with three degrees at age 11. His degrees, in math and physical science, general science and language studies, allow him to enter UC Davis as a junior – one of the youngest students to ever attend.

Tanishq Abraham graduating from American River College; via NBC

"This isn't much of a big thing for me," Abraham told NBC when he graduated from ARC. "Some of (my peers) were intimidated, and a lot of others were happy that there's a kid in their class."

Along with his 9 year-old sister, Abraham joined Mensa International – a society for those with extraordinarily high IQs – when he was just four years old.

According to NBC, Abraham hopes to become a doctor, or perhaps even president. 

Lead Image Credit: NBC