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Nov 01 2017
by Hannah Cooper

7 Ways to Make Your Dorm More Welcoming

By Hannah Cooper - Nov 01 2017

So now that you've moved into college, your 12 by 12 foot shoebox is your new home. You've added all your decorations and school supplies to liven up the place, but now you have newfound friends to invite over. Here are a couple of ways to make your room welcoming and accommodating for nights in with friends.

1. That TV that has been sitting in the room of the house that no one uses.


Having a TV in your room makes you the new host of Survivor watching parties, or the headmaster of movie nights. This is an awesome way to bring your friends together for a fun night in.

2. An HDMI cord.


This goes along with bringing your own TV: with an HDMI cord, anyone can plug their laptop in and you and your friends can binge watch Netflix on the big screen. Even if you don’t end up bringing a TV to school, many dorm common rooms have a communal TV and you can plug in your laptop and play whatever you want on the TV, and maybe end up finding friends who have the same love for The Office that you do!

3. A video game system.


I never thought I’d suggest that someone bring an entire video game system to school until the third night of living in the dorms, when I saw someone bring their whole Wii downstairs and plug it into the communal TV. In a second the common room turned into a Mario Kart arena.

4. Ottomans


In your tiny shoebox room, you most likely have as many chairs as you do residents of that room, often capping out at about two or three. With an ottoman, you can not only seat more people, but store things inside the ottoman! My roommate and I have two ottomans that store our extra bedsheets and whatnot that we can tuck away when guests are gone, and bring out when guests are over. Ottomans are a great way to combine comfort with functionality.

5. Snacks!


If you are going to have a room that is hosting friends, you’ve got to have snacks. Buy massive cartons of Goldfish or huge candy bags: pick your poison. Not only will you enjoy your snack supply, but so will your guests.

6. String Lights


We’ve all seen them on Instagram, but really, string lights are pretty awesome. With some effort and command hooks, your room will turn into an Insta-worthy cavern in no time.

7. Games


No one is ever too old for board games. Bring your favorite games with you to school, or pitch in with friends to get new ones to learn together. Turn the classic family game night into game night with your new family, the friends you’ve made in your stay at school.

Now that your room is the hotspot for friends, start planning those movie nights or board game tournaments or even a study cram sesh for that midterm you all have next week.

Lead Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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Hannah Cooper - University of California, Irvine

Hannah is a freshman at UC Irvine who is majoring in Business Management, with an emphasis in marketing. She enjoys coffee, cats, and good music. She knows all the words to the full version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and doesn't miss an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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