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May 30 2015
by Hannah Bryner

5 Things to Get You Through the Last Month of High School

By Hannah Bryner - May 30 2015

1. Hang that cap up

With only a few school days left, motivation is practically nonexistent. By hanging your cap and gown up in your room it reminds you of why you need to keep working.

2. Study for AP tests and finals

I know this sounds brutal, but it’s worth it. While you study take a lot of breaks. During these breaks, look up dorm decorations or football game pictures of your future school. It will help remind you where you will be in a few short months, but first, you have to pass your classes!

3. Just five more minutes

There may be only a few days left, but after long nights of studying (or post-prom parties) you have to be exhausted. It’s okay to let yourself have those five extra minutes of sleep. In order to make up the time, pick out your outfit the night before and have your bag prepared in advanced.

4. Make all DEADlines

Yes, I know, it’s so close to summer and the waves are calling your name. But would you rather turn in all your work on time? Or spend your summer in bed dead because your transcripts kicked you out of your dream college?

5. It’s closing time

It’s hard to not look forward to summer and rush through these last few days. But remember these are your last days with people you have spent your last four years of school with. Cherish them. Remind people that you love them and of all the good memories you have had. Before you know it, you will be finished with high school forever.

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