Friends is an iconic 90's show about a group of adults living in New York. Being adults, they have said quite a few lines that sound an awful lot like college students. Some of their lines were scarily accurate! Here, I will break down 10 times that characters sounded like college students.

1) Every college student who has ever had an 8 a.m.

 Every college student has felt the way Chandler feels in this scene. During an 8 a.m., students just can't comprehend and may not say the smartest things. However, Chandler Bing shares the same opinion, so college students are in good company.

2) When your roommate or your friends take your snacks without asking.

Don't we all feel like Joey when the last Dorito has been eaten?! Repeat after me: "Joey doesn't share food!"

3) The student always trying to figure out the math or chemistry solution when everyone else is confused.

There's always a Monica somewhere doing their homework, and everyone else is a Rachel or a Chandler not having a clue about what is going on.

4) A college student trying to learn a foreign language.

Many universities require their students to take a foreign language, and many students have no clue how to pronounce the vocabulary or even understand the language (hilarity ensues). However, the mispronunciation creates great entertainment while studying.

5) When it hits midterm/finals week... or it's just been a really long day.

At this point, college students just can't pretend anymore. If anyone says "I'm fine," when you ask them how they are doing, it's safe to say that they are anything but fine.

6) When you see people from high school and they ask you to hang out.

Once you see them, cue the awkwardness of a high school reunion. Once you hit college, high school and college just don't mix. 

7) How you wish you were in lectures.

Sadly you're probably just confused, or, you hate people who act like Monica in lectures (Hint: students behind her).

8) When you miss the only bus to your class.

We all have a little of Ross in us, especially in the worst of situations.

9) When your relatives ask about your career plans, but you don't really know.

You know, some of us are just going with the flow and don't have set career plans, okay?

10) And finally to sum up college life . . .

You've become an adult. It's time to do your own laundry, go to bed at a decent time, pay for your own things and live life without parental supervision. However, you will never have a more fun time. Honestly, no quote sums it up better.

And on the note of doing laundry, I will leave you with this gif.

 In conclusion, your college experience could consist of many things. It could be fun, it could be rewarding and yes, it could be stressful. But as the Friends characters prove, there is always someone experiencing similar feelings about college. After all, that's college life! Just remember, "I'll be there for you!"

Lead Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons