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May 10 2016
by Hanna Kang

Goodbye, Freshman Year: It's Been Good

By Hanna Kang - May 10 2016
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There’s just a few weeks left of my first year in college. These last few weeks will be the last time I’ll ever be a freshman, (probably) the last time I’ll attend the same school as my sister, the last time I’ll see friends who are graduating, and the last time I’ll ever write for Fresh U. So here’s to freshman year—all its joys and memories—packed into this final article.

I have nothing but love for my school at the moment, but that wasn’t the case when I first stepped foot on campus. Truth to be told, I was pretty annoyed at having to “rot” at a community college for a solid year or two, due to various personal circumstances. However, thanks to everyone and everything I’ve come in contact with, I’ve matured immensely and come to love my school.

My freshman year was quite unconventional—Mom and Dad were still around, I lived at home, didn’t lay a hand on my laundry or cook for myself. Maybe I’m still bitter deep down for not being able to tune into the once-in-a-lifetime freshman experience, but I’ve realized and begun to sincerely thank my parents for the daily sacrifices they make for me. I’ll be applying to universities yet again this fall, and I’m so thankful I was given the chance to truly appreciate and understand my parents’ love for me before I leave the nest.

Freshman year helped me mature into the individual I am today. I’ve learned to prioritize, both in academic and non-academic settings. Contrary to popular belief, community college isn’t easy—I’ve spent long hours perfecting assignments and studying for exams, all while balancing extracurricular activities, such as writing. Back in high school, I was wholly preoccupied with “standing out” in a crowd of fellow senior applicants; every hour I spent volunteering for one organization or another was important, whether I enjoyed it or not. I’m not trying to say I seek to do good things purely for my own entertainment—that defeats the whole purpose of volunteerism. However, because I was volunteering merely for the community service hours, not for the sake of helping others, I was halfhearted in my words and actions. During my freshman year at a community college, I was able to spend more time in molding myself into the very best version of myself I can become, which allowed me to understand the value of my friends, family, classmates and professors who have all played a role in creating the smarter, more mature individual I am today.   

My first year of college also blessed me with wonderful friendships, old and new. Distance has made me realize how much I love and appreciate my closest friends, who are my biggest supporters after God and family. The friends I’ve made here have encouraged and inspired me daily to work hard. Although I won’t be seeing a majority of the people I’ve met here, I hope they know they left a positive impact on me that is here to stay.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me. I’m hungry to learn, to give and to love. My first year of college has given me all three—a meaningful education, a chance for me to grow, and loving friends and family. So goodbye, freshman year, it’s been real good.   

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Hanna Kang - Mt. San Antonio College

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