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Sep 25 2015
by Hanna Kang

An Open Letter to My Best Friend

By Hanna Kang - Sep 25 2015

Life is a really peculiar thing. It is a winding rollercoaster of euphoria, heartache and everything in between, except its riders aren’t alerted to sudden dips and turns, or the handfuls of lemons thrown their way. Yet if there is one definitive moment in this whirlpool of colorful instances, it is when you become aware of the fact that you found your kindred soul—the person who spilled their drink all over you at a small coffee shop, or quite ordinarily, someone you met back in high school. So, here’s to the person I’m honored to call my best friend:

Dear best friend, 

I honestly cannot believe you’ll be leaving for college in a few days. Time flies — it seems like yesterday when we were in the journalism room with the rest of the squad basically inhaling Chipotle, frantically cranking out headlines and writing last-minute articles. You were such an inspiration to me in and out of the newsroom, and I will miss you so, so much.

Remember that one time I was being super dumb about something and you literally scolded me until I teared up? It’s that motherly side of you I really appreciate. You never put on a show for anyone; you’re always so real, so straightforward and yet so kind. Being with you inspires me to become an individual of higher quality who sincerely wishes the best for the precious people around me, criticizing their wrongs and praising their rights—just the way you do.

Every day, you give me a million reasons to thank God for our friendship. Without you, I wouldn’t have become half the girl I am today. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. To your undeserving best friend, you gave your full trust and support. We’ve only been friends for three years but the depth you invested in our friendship were enough to make me realize the value of good relations. Thank you for being one of the cornerstones of my life.

And I’m sorry. Sorry for not investing all of myself. Honestly, I tried as hard as I could to be the best friend you deserved, but you set the bar too high. You deserve the very best life can ever hand someone, and I’m nowhere near that. Maybe I’m being too selfish, but I’m not going anywhere. I can’t promise you I’ll ever be your perfect fit, but I can promise you one thing—I’ll always be right beside you to cheer you on and hold your hand when you stumble. That’s what you’ve done for me from the beginning, and that’s what I’ll do until the end.

You know how you always call me a trooper? The real trooper is you. You never lose your cool even in the craziest of situations and come out of every battle triumphant. You let me talk and cry and never fail to encourage me. You keep me grounded by giving me advice I need to hear, not what I want to hear. But I know in my heart that in all those brutal remarks lies a caring heart as rare as a glimpse of heaven. While the rest of the world chases trends left and right, you walk in a straight line, like a trooper, pulling me close behind. Thank you for being my anchor.

Thank you for being born into this world and being my best friend. Thank you for making the sunshine brighter, the grass greener and my smile bigger. Thank you for being constant when I could not. Thank you for being my better half. Thank you for giving me your very best; for bringing out the best in me.

Love always,

Your Crazy Half 

Lead Image Credit: Spencer Fields

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Hanna Kang - Mt. San Antonio College

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