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Apr 10 2016
by Hanna Kang

7 Things I Wish People Understood About Republicans

By Hanna Kang - Apr 10 2016

Being a Republican in the 21st century is one of the most difficult things for young college students, especially during this election year. Because of GOP candidate Donald Trump, many people believe being Republican means being mean, nasty and prejudiced. However, this is an assumption that hurts many in the Republican Party. Here are some assumptions, debunked:

1. Republicans aren’t all racists.

Well, not all of them are. But we're all people, and in the midst of our messes, there are bound to be handfuls of real racists, including those who are Democrats. Just because Republicans are against illegal immigration, raising the minimum wage or affirmative action, doesn't mean we're racist. As Americans, we hold dear to our values and want the best for this country.  

2. Republicans appreciate immigrants.

We don't support illegal immigration because hey, it's against the law, but we're totally for legal immigration. Hardworking immigrants have enriched and strengthened the economic, social and political landscapes of the United States; in essence, they shaped us as a nation. We truly, honestly appreciate that. 

3. Not all Republicans are rich, old white men.

This gets me laughing every time I hear it. First of all, there are rich, old white men on both ends of the political spectrum, and second, there are a lot of college students who identify as Republican or hold conservative values. Sen. Marco Rubio is a nice example of an unconventional Republican politician—he lives in a modest home in a largely Latino working class community, has student debt like everyone else and did not attend an Ivy League school.  

4. Republicans aren’t warmongers.

Who in their right mind would want war? Republicans don't thirst for war, blood or fighting, but sometimes we see war as the very last measure of necessary means to achieve a greater good. The Revolutionary War gave birth to the United States of America, the Civil War ended slavery and the World Wars brought an end to unfair, evil power. 

5. Republicans don’t hate women.

Women's suffrage was largely a Republican achievement; now we have the right to vote and also to run for office. Not supporting abortion, Planned Parenthood or birth control doesn't mean we hate women. I'm a Republican woman, for crying out loud.   

6. Not all Republicans support Donald Trump.

I absolutely hate this man, and believe me, a lot of other Republicans hate him too. He is everything we don't stand for, and it breaks my heart to see this man say and do despicable things that are tainting the image of the Republican Party. I wish as much as the Hillary or Bernie supporters that Trump doesn't get the nomination, because he is not fit to lead any country.   

7. Republicans are fun people to hang around with.

Last but not least, we're fun people. We know how to throw parties, we know how to have a good time and we're just as into fun as the rest of the world. Just because our views may differ from yours, doesn't mean we're boring or always prim and proper. You never really know someone until you talk to them, so instead of judging, come and say hello. 

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Hanna Kang - Mt. San Antonio College

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