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Aug 26 2015
by Hanna Kang

15 Reasons Why Joining a College Publication Team is a Good Idea

By Hanna Kang - Aug 26 2015

The student newspaper of my high school has a tradition where graduating seniors write and publish a “Senior Column” on any subject of their choice. It’s almost the highlight of one’s high school journalism career, and much as the span between freshman and senior year seems like an eternity, it’s worth every bit of the long wait. Some real gems have been produced this year, my favorite being an absolutely snazzy one with a dash of all the right elements of High School Musical. Another one of my favorites, written by my good friend Victoria, is a more serious and rather deep reflection of her experience in journalism.

Mine is quite the contrary. My column pretty much follows a cookie cutter outline of a super boring and generic hearts and flowers anecdote.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably somewhere along the lines of: “Hanna, that’s great but I think you’re missing the whole point of this article... you haven’t listed a single reason of why one should join a college publication team.” Yeah, I know. My intros can get a little longer than planned. But really, I have just covertly provided you with a personal favorite perk—the ability to recollect the good and bad episodes from the past, and ultimately making strides in the field of journalism. It’s sort of like leafing through a book you’ve mindlessly read a while ago and detecting a smattering of spelling errors and a beautiful picture you never caught the first time.

Actually, scratch that. Joining a college publication team will not only upgrade your journalistic competence, but also the quality of your lifestyle. In sum, it’s a win-win situation. Here are 15 reason why you should join your college publication team:

1. Before anything else, nothing compares to seeing your name in print. It’s an indescribable feeling.

2. You’ll always be in the loop. Writing for different beats will expand your knowledge in many areas.

3. Sooner or later, those 20-page research papers will become a piece of cake.

4. You’ll become very, very good at coming up with puns.

5. You will learn how to deal with criticism, rational or not. People will take a dig at your article, even strangers.

6. You’ll eventually learn to take off your tinted sunglasses and look at the world through clear lenses.

7. If you ever become an editor or even the editor-in-chief, you’ll carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You’ll have tons of responsibilities and expectation to meet, but in exchange you will have your staff’s trust and respect. It’s also one heck of a resume line.

8. Under pressure, you will unearth the very heart of your character.

9. You won’t ever have to sidestep phone calls or job interviews by reason of fear. You’ll ace every one.

10. You’ll learn how to make a comedy out of something that isn’t even remotely interesting.

11. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Thanks, Kelly.

12. You’ll become a master of AP Style.

13. You may have the privilege to develop connections with professionals.

14. You’ll learn how to hold a conversation with someone, not the awkward ask-question-get-answer-transcribe-on-my-journal kind of thing.

15. You will leave the newsroom with lifelong friendships and memories.  

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