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Oct 11 2015
by Haley Young

The 5 Best Parts About Not Joining A Sorority Your First Semester

By Haley Young - Oct 11 2015

Sororities and fraternities are abundant on college campuses everywhere, so it's not surprising that many people feel expected to jump on the sister/brotherhood bandwagon. Rushing usually occurs pretty quickly upon your arrival to campus, which can be overwhelming for those of us who need more than a just week to make a decision. If you're feeling a little left out because you ended up not joining a sorority your first semester, don't worry - here are some of the benefits of being a free agent!

1. More Free Time

Sororities can be huge commitments. Between socials, chapter meetings, parties, and other bonding events, it can be difficult to find enough time for your studies and non-Greek friends. By not joining a sorority your first semester you don't have to worry about being tied down, and you can make time for your priorities on your schedule.

2. No Inherent Reputation

Many sororities carry pretty resounding reputations on their specific campuses, and joining one of them means that you too are branded with their stereotypes. Whether or not their reputation is good or bad, by not joining a sorority you guarantee that you are able to make your own way in college without predefined judgments hanging over your head.

3. Less Restrictions

Rules are a part of any organization, and sororities are no different. Some of the rules maintained by Greek life can make it difficult to be spontaneous and have fun in all the ways that you want. By not joining a sorority you ensure that you're free to make your own decisions and do things on your own terms.

4. You Get To Choose Your Friends

One of the biggest issues with sororities is that everyone is expected to be close like sisters, even when two people might not get along. Each of us is dynamic and different, and throughout your life you're bound to run into some individuals with whom you just don't click - and that's okay. By not joining a sorority you make sure that you're able to choose your own friends, and that you don't have to feel pressured to be close with people who you actually don't get along with.

5. More Spending Money

Joining a sorority can cost you. There are the well-known costs like paying rent to live in your sororities house and turning in dues, but many people don't consider the additional monetary commitment of buying specific types of clothing to wear to socials, purchasing gifts for your little if you become a "big", and required donations to charity, among other things. By not joining a sorority you keep complete control over how you spend your own money without having to feel bad about not buying any specific thing.

With all this said, I feel it's important to note that ultimately sororities and fraternities are diverse organizations. I know some people who love Greek life so much that they couldn't imagine themselves without it, and I know others who wouldn't consider rushing in a million years. It all depends on who you are and what you want from your college experience; there are benefits to going Greek just as there are benefits to staying away.

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Haley Young - University of Wisconsin–Madison

Haley Young is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison and loves everything about being a Cheesehead. Writing is her biggest passion, but she's pretty fond of bad puns and Christmas lights too. You can find out more about her and her work at

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