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Oct 28 2015
by Haley Young

9 Things You Should Thank Your Mom For

By Haley Young - Oct 28 2015

Now that we're in college enjoying our freedom (but also lamenting the fact that we can't shower with bare feet), we're starting to appreciate all of the little things from home... namely our parents and the inherent comfort they brought. As we branch out and continue to craft our own lives, here are some things we should definitely take the time to thank our moms for.

1. Finding Time For Us

As we turn into adults ourselves, it's becoming more evident just how crazy schedules can be. Looking back we realize how many things our parents sacrificed just to spend time raising us, and we should be thankful for the countless moments they gave to us that they could have given to some other task entirely.

2. Doing Our Laundry

After doing our own laundry for over two months, there can only be one conclusion: those early childhood days of no responsibility were the dream.

3. Making Us Food

Despite her insistence that we have our own two legs to get up and go to the kitchen ourselves, she almost always caved and brought us a bagel or glass of whatever, or whatever else we were craving. And beyond this stellar treatment, we know that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal - especially now that residence hall food is the (often disgusting) norm of our lives.

4. Caring For Us When We Were Sick

The first experience of the "freshman plague" was made all the more awful by not having our mother pressing her palm against our forehead to check for a fever. Growing up, there was something so comforting about having our mom around when we weren't feeling well, and now that we're older we can understand the full implications of her willingness to take off of work to tend to our needs. 

5. Finding Everything We Lost (In No Time Flat)

Is elaboration even necessary on this one? We've all been there: your favorite shirt is missing and you've spent a full hour looking, complaining all the while that your sister must have stolen it, when mom walks in and sees that it's been sitting in the corner of your room the whole time. We're not quite certain how she does it but we're pretty sure it involves magic.

6. Letting Us Use Her As An Excuse

Whenever we got invited to an event that we really didn't want to go to, we'd use mom as the bad guy and she never complained. "Sorry, my mom said no," was one of the greatest told lies in the world of high school, and we all know we exploited her generosity to avoid appearing rude.

7. Holding Us To A High Standard...

Our moms always wanted the best for us, and sometimes this came across as a little too much pressure. She expected you to do well in school, to be friendly and polite, and to give your all with everything. Sometimes she was our worst critic, but from the college side of things all of her pushing looks a lot more like solid support.

8. ... But Loving Us No Matter What

And even when she was telling us that we ought to do better, she did so with a copious amount of love. We messed up and she knew it, (and made sure we knew it as well!) but she always reminded us that even on our worst days we still belonged to her, and she still loved us more than anything. 

9. Being Our Truest Friend

From the adult perspective, we have now we can see that our moms are more than just parents. They are, at the end of the day, our first and truest friend. Her relationship with us has been selfless, loving, kind, and inspiring - and if you've been lucky enough to identify with the nine points above, you're pretty blessed. Make sure you let your mom know that you appreciate everything she's done for you, and humor her and give her a call once in a while.

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