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Apr 27 2016
by Haley Young

7 Signs You Are The Clean Roommate

By Haley Young - Apr 27 2016

1. When people visit, they comment on how clean your room is.

It will happen, without fail. Your immaculately made bed and absence of food wrappers on the floor sets the standards pretty high for a college dorm.

2.  You never leave things laying around.

No one will ever find your wallet, or laptop, or phone charger, or anything else laying around at random. If you're not sitting on the futon, you don't have any belongings on the futon. Protecting your materials - and respecting shared space - is critical to you.

3. You can't focus if something is out of place.

You'll get up in the middle of taking your online anthropology quiz just to fix the extension cord that unrolled itself in the corner. In such a small room, even small things out of place become obvious.

4. You can clearly tell the sides of the room apart.

If your roommate doesn't value tidiness as much as you, it'll be pretty obvious where one space ends and the other begins.

5. You check out a vacuum from the front desk so often that you know to request the one without the kink in the cord.

Yep, that's right. You're familiar enough with your dorm's communal cleaning supplies that you actually have preferences now. Also, you're really fun at parties.

6. You have to stop yourself from organizing your roommate's things.

You don't want to invade their personal space... but the pile of things on their desk is crooked and absolutely killing you.

7. Organization is important to you.

Physically organizing your space and keeping things tidy relates directly to how you handle the rest of your life, too - there's probably a to-do list sitting on your desk right now.

Lead image credit: Flickr Creative Commons // UC Berkeley Housing ~ Unit 1 : Slottman Building Dorm Room

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