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Jul 17 2015
by Hailey Rial

5 Reasons Why We Should Be Able to Have Pets on Campus

By Hailey Rial - Jul 17 2015

Having trouble imaging life without your cat, Midnight, or your dog, Buddy? Well, you better start trying because in the next month or two your favorite pet is going to be stuck at home without you. Whether it's your favorite ball of hamster fur or your fluffy bunny, you're going to spend the next few months without their company. Here are five reasons why we should not have to part from them.

1. They're your responsibility.

You can't expect mom to know just how to pet your Collie or how many snacks your Guniea Pig gets during the day. You feed them a specific amount at a specific time each day. How stressful is it going to be knowing that someone else might forget?!

2. You need comfort.

When you're having a bad day, you always know that your pet will be waiting for you when you get home to cuddle up with. How will you do that at college without them?

3. They need comfort.

Who is going to be there to hold them during storms and introduce them to new family friends? Not you, that's for sure.

4. It makes you look mature.

"Oh wow, I didn't know you had your own hamster!" Well, who's going to ask you that in college when they're not in your room to see them?

5. It creates better friendships.

Two friends who both have dogs get along better because they both have dogs. Don't even argue this fact. You both will be better friends with your dogs with you than without you. Right? Right.

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Hailey Rial - Indiana University Bloomington

Hailey Rial is a freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington and she is majoring in journalism. In high school, she was an avid writer for her school newspaper's opinion column. She likes reading, writing, music and laughing. You can follow her on Instagram @haileyababay!

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