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Nov 14 2017
by Graysen Reid

Class Registration As Told By Parks and Recreation

By Graysen Reid - Nov 14 2017

As we close upon the end of the semester, we come upon a time known as The Hunger Games: College Edition. In other words, it's registration time and we have to be on our A-game to get the best classes possible for the spring. So, naturally, we look to the cast of Parks and Rec to demonstrate the feelings we have during this tumultuous time!

1. When you get an awful scheduling time:

Most larger colleges determine what time you register by the credits you have. While this might not be an issue for upperclassmen, many freshmen will register in the final days, thus being forced to scrape the barrel to come up with 8 a.m.'s and late Friday classes.

2. When a class is full:

One of the worst messages you can get when registering is that a class is full. Many times you have your whole schedule planned out and ready to go and then there is no more room in a class. You are then forced to go to a backup, ruining your perfect schedule.

3.  When a class is major-restricted:

Sometimes classes are only available to students who are majoring in the subject, and often these classes can be the most interesting and fun, but... not for you. Soon enough though, you will have your own classes that are major-restricted and you can finally have the last laugh.

5. When you have a registration hold or bar:

You can also run into problems with registration bars. Bars can be put on your file and they prevent you from registering for classes. These bars can range from financial aid problems to shot records, but they can easily be solved by checking ahead of time and taking care of problems in advance. 

6. When there's a time conflict in your schedule:

If your perfect schedule doesn't pan out, it can mean that you have to register for some of your backups. This can cause time conflicts, even further complicating the registration process. As April (essentially) says, time is knowledge so make your decisions carefully.

7. When you're waitlisted:

If you don't get into a class during your registration time, sometimes you can be put on a waitlist if the class becomes available. This simply prolongs your stress further because you generally have to wait until everyone has registered and added/dropped classes.

8. When there's a server error:

When so many people are trying to use the same website at one time, it often causes the server or website to crash. Don't throw your computer! Normally, the problems are resolved fairly quickly and you can start adding those classes in no time.

Registration can cause a lot of stress and frustration, but if you plan ahead it will all work out in the end. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!

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Graysen Reid - University of Texas at Austin

Graysen is a junior at the University of Texas at Tyler majoring in Mass Communication. She loves reading and watching Netflix. Follow her on Twitter @graysen_reid!

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