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Nov 14 2017
by Graysen Reid

6 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm for the Holidays

By Graysen Reid - Nov 14 2017

Halloween is officially over, so you know what that means: cue Mariah Carey! The holiday season is a joyous time for people of all ages, but you can also really feel homesick right before your break. However, we can still bring some holiday spirit into our dorm by just putting up a few, simple decorations. Decorating can relieve stress and serve as a reminder that your break is just around the corner. So put down your study guides, turn on your holiday playlist and grab your peppermint lattes, because we are getting into the spirit.

1. Decorate Your Door

By decorating your door, you can show your whole floor that they you are in the holiday mood. You can make paper snowflakes or dreidels, hang stockings and use garland or tinsel to show off your festive room.

2. Hang Up Lights

Christmas lights have become a staple decoration in most dorm rooms, but they are always a good idea during the holidays. There are so many variations in color, shape and size that you can totally make the design yours.

3. Mini-Tree

Nothing says Christmas quite like having a mini-tree in your room. Tiny trees are fairly inexpensive and they can easily fit right into your dorm. You can also decorate these anyway you choose with ornaments, garland, etc.

4. Menorah

You can also celebrate the holidays by having a menorah for your dorm! Lighting the candles will help you celebrate the holiday and will look amazing in your window (just make sure you've talked it over with your RA to make sure you're avoiding any fire hazards). You can even use your awesome decorating skills to make dreidels or a Star of David.

5. Get Crafty

There are a multitude of crafts that you can make for decorations that are great stress-relievers. For example, garlands and wreaths are the perfect DIY for you and your roomie to bond over. The possibilities are endless and they can be saved and reused next year!

6. Spice It Up

While most dorms don’t allow candles or wax warmers, there are others ways that you can bring in those winter scents. By using oil diffusers or wall plugins, you can spice up your room. Plus, with scents such as Christmas cookie and cinnamon spice, who can resist?

Even though you're away from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the holiday spirit. There are so many ways that you can get ready for your break and turn your dorm into a winter wonderland. So turn on Mariah and start stringing the lights!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Graysen Reid - University of Texas at Austin

Graysen is a junior at the University of Texas at Tyler majoring in Mass Communication. She loves reading and watching Netflix. Follow her on Twitter @graysen_reid!

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