At some point in your college career, no matter what your major is, you will have to write a research paper. Even if it's only a couple of pages on a topic you already know, you will most likely have to provide a bibliography with the sources that you used. Depending on your professor, these citations will have to be in a certain format, with specific rules for listing your sources. Luckily, there are tons of websites out there that will do all of the hard work for you!

1. Purdue Owl

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The first and most popular citation source is Purdue Owl. The Online Writing Lab was created by Purdue University to provide resources to users worldwide. The website features guides for specific citation formats including APA, MLA and AMA. Additionally, Purdue Owl also offers citation generators for APA and MLA formats.

2. Citation Machine

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Offering both paid and free options, Citation Machine has a feature that will scan your paper to create citations and check for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. This website also offers a way for users to create their own title page and cite unusual sources such as food labels or Netflix movies.

3. EasyBib

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Similar to Citation Machine, EasyBib also offers a feature that will scan your paper for citations and spelling errors. This website offers both paid and free options for users when scanning their paper. Additionally, EasyBib offers guides for a variety of formats including APA, MLA and Chicago style.

4. Citationsy

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Citationsy also offers a citation generator for a variety of styles. This website has no ads, however, it does require users to sign up for a free account. Citationsy also has extensions users can download which can make creating citations even easier. Citationsy also has its own iPhone app available on the app store.

5. Cite This For Me

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Cite This For Me has a citation generator for websites, journals, books and more. CTFM also has its own Google Chrome extension that allows users to cite a webpage when they are on it instead of waiting to create a bibliography with all of their sources. Additionally, their website has a premium feature that allows users to save their work in progress.

6. Cite4Me

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Cite4Me has an unlimited citation generator as well as guidelines for writing, paraphrasing, proofreading and editing. This website also offers less popular citation styles such as ACS style, Bluebook style, IEEE style and Harvard style. Cite4Me also has a title page generator for any citation technique.

These resources are just a few of the many that are available online for students.  Keep those bibliography stresses out of "cite" and out of mind by taking advantage of everything these sources have to offer.

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