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Jan 15 2017
by Gia Tims

This Twitter DM Went Hilariously Wrong For One College Student

By Gia Tims - Jan 15 2017

University of Kansas student, Gavin Colgrove, tweeted a screenshot of a DM gone horribly wrong between him and girl who misinterpreted his profile picture.

Colgrove told Fresh U via direct messaging on Twitter that he did not expect the tweet to receive was much attention as it did, “especially since Corey (the guy on the left) is as ugly as he is.”

The tweet has received 20k retweets and 78k likes and counting, along with “a lot of very vulgar messages, but mostly positive and nice DMs,” Colgrove mentions.

“A lot of people have been ‘volunteering as tribute’ or accidentally messaging me instead of their fathers, saying ‘daddy’ a lot. It’s probably just a classic mixup though.”

Twitter users have been responding with a lot of sympathy for Colgrove.

Colgrove says that he “was pretty surprised” about the whole thing and that now he’s “mostly waiting on MTV to call.”

While it's not the best DM to get, shout out to Gavin for making the best of it and having an awesome sense of humor!

Lead Image Credit: Gavin Colgrove  

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Gia Tims - Hofstra University

Gia Tims is a freshman at Hofstra University and is majoring in Journalism and in the process of adding Italian on as a second major. In high school, Gia wrote for her school paper and won numerous awards for her articles. Gia loves yoga, New York City, chai lattes, and Orange is the New Black. Follow her on Instagram @giatims!

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