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Apr 13 2017
by Gia Tims

This College Student Struck Back at Her Roommate's Sticky Notes

By Gia Tims - Apr 13 2017

This college student had enough with her roommate’s passive aggressive notes, so she struck back.

Dajah Jones, a sophomore at Georgia Southern University, said she felt “disgust then anger,” after seeing the disturbing notes her roommate left in their refrigerator. “I have previously addressed her notes so this time I decided to stoop to her level,” Dajah told Fresh U via Twitter DMs.

Dajah's roommate left notes in the refrigerator that said not to drink her water bottles as she had cold sores, and labelled two drinks as "backwash" to discourage Dajah from partaking in them.

Dajah lashed back leaving a dollar for her roommate to get medicine for her cold sores.

She said: “She didn’t even respond. She left my dollar in the fridge and took her drinks."

Most people have been responding with support for Dajah, agreeing that the behavior her roommate exhibited was gross and rude.

The tweet has received over 3,000 retweets and 4,000 likes. “I definitely did not expect this much attention,” Dajah said.

“I don’t even think my roommate has a Twitter, but if she does, she didn’t say anything about it.”

This just goes to show, respect your roommates and the space you share.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter via dajahwashere

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Gia Tims - Hofstra University

Gia Tims is a freshman at Hofstra University and is majoring in Journalism and in the process of adding Italian on as a second major. In high school, Gia wrote for her school paper and won numerous awards for her articles. Gia loves yoga, New York City, chai lattes, and Orange is the New Black. Follow her on Instagram @giatims!

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