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Mar 08 2017
by Gia Tims

College Women Describe Their Lady Role Models for International Women's Day

By Gia Tims - Mar 08 2017

Today is International Women’s Day! Not only are we celebrating strong women today, but it is also a Day Without Women, where many females from around the globe are going on strike to show the world that it needs them.

Fresh U reached out to women in college and asked them who their lady role models are and why they are inspired by them.

1. Sarah D., Freshman, Northeastern University

“I really look up to my grandma. She has raised 12 children, travelled the world, and had a successful career as a nurse for many years. It is amazing to me that she has both the courage and strength to do all of that in her 90 years.”

2. Kennedy R., Sophomore, Syracuse University

“Elaine Welteroth is the first woman who comes to mind at the moment. She’s the editor and chief of Teen Vogue and an unbelievable woman. She’s transformed the magazine into this beacon of hope for young women by covering real news that affects real people…The direction she’s taken the magazine in is admirable, and she still looks killer while doing it.”

3. Em B., Freshman, University of Nebraska at Omaha

“I really look up to my high school newspaper advisor, Ms. Rose. She’s the busiest person I know…I love that she goes for what she wants, and she shows her students how to do the same…I think I look up to her so much because I want ot be busy, kind, confident, and successful like her someday.”

4. Madison B., Sophomore, SUNY New Paltz

“My grandmother is my role model and I look up to her because she balanced working two jobs, raising an entire family, and then raising me.”

Here’s to strong women, all over the world and in our hearts.

Lead Image Credit: Les Anderson

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Gia Tims - Hofstra University

Gia Tims is a freshman at Hofstra University and is majoring in Journalism and in the process of adding Italian on as a second major. In high school, Gia wrote for her school paper and won numerous awards for her articles. Gia loves yoga, New York City, chai lattes, and Orange is the New Black. Follow her on Instagram @giatims!

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