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Jan 20 2017
by Gia Tims

5 Awesome Websites to Buy Clothes From for the College Girl On a Budget

By Gia Tims - Jan 20 2017

Are you looking for reasonably priced clothes online but are tired of shopping the same look at Forever 21 and H&M? If so, here’s your guideline for finding unique styles at low prices!

1. Zara

From the outside, this company can look somewhat pricey. Zara stores have a chic, fashion-forward feeling that can easily intimidate your bank account, but the sale section on their website wants to be your wallet’s new best friend. Although their full priced section is a bit expensive, Zara always has amazing sales on their website, offering unbelievable deals for very fashionable, high-quality pieces. This is a good site if you are looking for unique pieces to add to your collection.


2. Francesca’s

This is another store that has semi-expensive full priced clothing, but a crazy sale section. The locations Francesca's has in malls and outlets often have nice in-store sales, but their website always has awesome deals and sale mixers going on. They often have different BOGO deals, multiple price range sale sections (some deals starting from three dollars! YES! THREE DOLLARS!) and various discounts. This is a nice site for someone that is going for the bohemian look. They also offer plus sizes!


3. SheIn

This company is quite a standout from other clothing websites. SheIn is a clothing company located in China, and they sell clothes from other companies at discounted prices. You may recognize this name from your Instagram feed or Facebook ads, and you probably were a bit skeptical after seeing how low the prices are for seemingly adorable clothing. You can absolutely trust this website! There are just a few things you have to keep in mind while shopping, number one being that this company is located in China so the shipping and delivery will take a while and will be different every time you order. Also, every once in a while, you may receive a product that is not as high quality as you expected, but that is a risk you take when shopping with a discount website. However, most of SheIn’s clothing is of good quality. You also need to play around with size, as the site tends to run a little small for some. This is a good site for all styles and tastes in clothing!



Here we have another one of those stores that are pricey unless you shop the sale section. ASOS offers many different sales daily on their high quality, chic selections. They often have multiple sales taking place each week, so this is a site where if you keep an eye out, you can really score a great deal. ASOS is also partners with UNiDAYS, a company that hooks college students up with discount codes for hundred of websites and stores every time they shop. ASOS guarantees 10 percent off for students with every purchase. This site is nice for someone looking for a chic and quirky style. Asos offers plus sizes.


5. Aerie

Last but not least, we have Aerie, the underwear store and sister company to American Eagle. Before you go into undies mode, Aerie also offers a huge range of athletic wear and comfy clothes, from pajamas to harem pants, all with fun pastels and soft designs. Aerie constantly has both in-store and online sales happening, all of which are way too good to resist. They often have amazing deals on underwear and bralettes, and even regular bras from time to time. Aerie also promotes body positivity within their company, not allowing their models to be photoshopped or retouched in their ads. This is an awesome store and site for anyone who likes comfy yet chic clothes and cute undies that aren’t bright, neon colors!


When you’re shopping online, always sign up for the emails! You’ll be notified of every sale happening each week, and will often be sent a promo code for signing up. These sites also offer free memberships in which you can build up points each time you order and receive further discounts on future purchases. So be a smart and savvy shopper and pay attention to that sale section! You’ll be amazed at what you can find. There’s no shame in a good discount. 

Lead Image Credit: Shanna Camilleri via Unsplash

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Gia Tims - Hofstra University

Gia Tims is a freshman at Hofstra University and is majoring in Journalism and in the process of adding Italian on as a second major. In high school, Gia wrote for her school paper and won numerous awards for her articles. Gia loves yoga, New York City, chai lattes, and Orange is the New Black. Follow her on Instagram @giatims!

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