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Jan 02 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

What 5 College Students Would Tell Their High School Selves

By Georgia Merdinger - Jan 02 2018

High school is an interesting four years, to say the least. It’s full of drama, cringeworthy moments and laughs. I think it's safe to say high school is a bittersweet experience, and when we look back it’s hard not to notice our inevitable acts of awkwardness that we wish we could change. So, here are some words of wisdom college students would share with their high school selves. 

1. Alicia, Class of 2021

“I would go back and tell myself to stop obsessing over having a relationship. Getting a boyfriend was one of my major goals in high school, and looking back I realize how stupid that was. I wish I had spent more time studying, and less time complaining about being single."

2. Claire, Class of 2021

“Stop worrying about popularity. My freshman year I tried so hard to be in the “cool” group. For some reason I felt as if popularity would solve all my problems, but it’s so lame. Who cares.” 

3. Domeneque, Class of 2018

"Comparison is the thief of all joy. Stop trying to get everyone to like you because those who mattered before never really mattered then."

4. Tom, Class of 2021

 "High school flies by. You may think it's never going to end, but trust me, you'll be graduating before you know it. Try to enjoy it the best you can."

5. Caroline, Class of 2021

"Don't get worked up over all the pointless drama and to just have a good time and enjoy being with your true friends."

It’s easy to get caught up within the miniscule drama of high school, but don’t let it ruin your time. It is important to remember that school is for learning and overall nobody is really that important (not even the “popular kids”). The four years sure do go by fast, so just remember to do well, and enjoy the ride. 

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Georgia Merdinger - Marymount Manhattan College

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