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Jan 23 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

6 New Fantasy Books to Read

By Georgia Merdinger - Jan 23 2018
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If you find yourself bored of your Instagram feed, and realize you’ve watched every YouTube video there is, I think it’s time for a good book to come into your life. Now, nobody wants a boring book. If you crave adventure and fantastical events, then these books just might be for you. Get thrown into a world of possibility, and see where it takes you.

1. The Cruel Prince 


This novel is written by Holly Black, and follows the character Jude. When Jude was young, her parents were murdered. Jude and her sisters were taken away to live in the High Court of Faerie. Those who live in the High Court of Faerie are immortal, and Jude is not. Those who are immortal hate mortals, and Prince Cardan hates them most of all. Jude must put herself in dangerous situations to defy the Prince. She then realizes the threat of war is upon them. Will she be able to save her sisters and Faerie? Purchase it here.

2. Magic Reborn 


This fantastical novel is written by Carly Hansen. It features plenty of action and significant female leads. The novel follows Fenix Graystone, who is on the run. She meets a witch, and the witch turns her into a skilled fighter. Later, a vampire overlord requests help to solve the mysterious murders of three young women. This novel takes the reader on an action-packed ride and serves up every fantasy readers dream. Purchase it here.

3. The Book of Dust  


The author Philip Pullman shares with us the story of Malcolm Polstead. Malcolm is a spy, and comes across a message asking about a threatening matter called Dust. Malcolm is then taken on a journey and finds himself meeting interesting characters. All these characters are interested in the same thing, a girl named Lyra. Malcolm will have to help Lyra to safety in this 464-page fantastical story. Purchase it here.

4. The Fall of Lostport 


The author R.J. Vickers shares the story of Lostport, a kingdom that unexpectedly discovers wealth on its shores. Because of the new found wealth, the High King becomes interested in attaining Lostport. So Laina, the only remaining heir of Lostport, must decide what is best for her troubled kingdom. Will Laina have to marry a stranger, or will she thrust her homeland into disaster? Find out in this action-packed 522-page novel. Purchase it here.

5. Year One 


New York Times best-selling author Nora Roberts produces another thrilling and imaginative novel. This story takes place in a dystopian setting. Sickness and chaos have overcome the world, and magic is being practiced by many. Lana Bingham and her lover Max practice magic themselves. They live in an apartment in New York City, but are soon forced out of the city due to an impending threat. The two meet many other travelers on their journey. This novel's dystopian and threatening setting makes it a heart-pumping read you won’t want to put down. Purchase it here.

6. Sleeping Beauties  


The respected author Stephen King collaborates on this novel with his son, Owen King. The story takes place in the future, and when women sleep, they become encased in a cocoon-like substance. If the women are disturbed, they become extremely vicious. But one woman, Evie, is not affected by this sleep. A mystery surrounds this woman. Why is she immune, and is she a threat? Purchase it here.

And there you have it. Six books that will surely take you on a journey. It doesn’t matter if you love fantasy or feel lukewarm about it. I promise you these novels will provide a little magic in your life.

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