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Jan 21 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

4 Ways You Can Be a Smarter Student Shopper in 2018

By Georgia Merdinger - Jan 21 2018

We all need to save some money and being a student sure does break the bank, so here are four tips for smarter shopping for your budget.

1. Take advantage of student discounts.  

 I didn’t realize this at first, but there are so many stores offering student discounts! From Topshop to Burger King there are plenty of different locations that you may have never realized gave discounts. If you don’t know if a store offers student discounts don’t be shy, just ask! You never know.

2. Download a coupon app. 

Apps like Flipp, Dote and Shopular are already making you a smarter shopper. And all you have to do is download the app. By having these easy to use apps, you are taking the difficulty out of discounted shopping. There is nothing wrong with becoming a crazy coupon person, embrace the discounts! 

3. Stick to your list! 

By having a list, we are taking the uncertainty out of our shopping experiences. If you find yourself at the grocery store, mindlessly throwing whatever looks good into the cart, don’t be surprised if the total surpasses what you had wanted to spend. Keeping true to the list will keep you focused. Also, always go for the cheapest option because we are students after all. 

4. Wait for sales. 

There is nothing worse than paying full price for something and then realizing that item went for half price the next week. If the item is expensive or out of your price range, try waiting it out for a bit. I know we all really want it now, but it’s better to simply wait than take a big dent out of our checking account. Have patience, my friends, sales are coming. 

So there you have it! Four ways you can be a smarter shopper in 2018. Good luck everyone, and happy shopping! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash 

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Georgia Merdinger - Marymount Manhattan College

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