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Jan 07 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

5 Ways You Can Have a Better Day in College

By Georgia Merdinger - Jan 07 2018

We all want to have a good day. When we wake up in the morning, we are often given an option. Do we want to start our day off right? Or do we want to be grumpy and miserable? I’m pretty sure everyone would choose the first option. Sometimes grumpiness is inevitable, and there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, but we can do our best to refrain from it. Here are five ways you can have a better day because we all deserve one!

1. Make your bed!

When you first wake up, being productive is the last thing you want to do, I know. But by making your bed, you are already setting yourself up to get more done within the day. Sure, making your bed is a small accomplishment, but it's an accomplishment nonetheless. Even a navy Seal’s number one advice for grads was to make your bed. It will only do you good. 

2. Try meditation or stretching. 

This is always something I have on my new year's resolution list that I can never seem to actually do. I have the flexibility of the tin man and the concentration of a peanut, so this seemed impossible. But, it's actually not! I began stretching in the mornings, and I let my body wake up. It gave me some energy, and I didn’t feel as stiff on that brisk walk to school.

I also began implementing some short meditation sessions into my day. Meditation doesn’t have to be fancy. You can turn on some calming music and sit or lay down, and just concentrate on your breath. I can say doing this has calmed me down so much, and gave me the breather I needed for when I felt overwhelmed. 

3. Practice mindful eating.

Now this is a tough one, I know. Every time we want to eat better, a plate of cookies magically appears on the kitchen table calling our name. But instead of yelling at ourselves for indulging in something yummy, why can’t we just enjoy it? Diet fads are so stupid, and they just don’t work. By eating intuitively your body will thank you. Let yourself have that cookie. Just try not to have the whole plate. Life truly is about enjoying, and food shouldn’t be something we overthink. It is time to let go of punishing ourselves. 

4. Get a good sweat on!

We don’t always have time for exercise, but if you do, do it! By including a heart pumping workout into your day, you will get your blood flowing and some endorphins boosted. A workout doesn’t always have to be insane. A short high intensity session will get you feeling great. We all know exercise is good for us, but it can even improve our mood. So get on those lulu's and give it a go!

5. Take note on what makes you grateful. 

Having a good day doesn’t come without getting a little sappy. Taking a moment to reflect on what you have will do wonders for your positive thinking. You can take a moment to think about it, or write it down. Being appreciative of what you have will give you great mindset, and it will provide some happiness for the great day your going to have! If you begin to think about a particular person, you should give them a call. Letting someone know how much they mean to you can strengthen the relationship. 

Just remember to do the best you can. A good day doesn't mean you have to be perfect. If you are your awesome self then a good day is bound to happen! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash 

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Georgia Merdinger - Marymount Manhattan College

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