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Feb 21 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

5 Students Share The Badass Female Characters That Inspire Them

By Georgia Merdinger - Feb 21 2018

Whenever I’m browsing through the hundreds of books in Barnes & Noble, I’m always on the lookout for novels featuring strong female leads. Having a compelling and badass female character to look up to is extremely important to me and for many girls and women around the world. Books create such a huge impact on people’s lives. Even if these characters are just written on paper, they can still do so much for someone’s confidence and self-esteem. There are so many great novels out there featuring amazing female characters, but here are just five badass female characters that students have felt inspired by. 

1. Lee, Class of 2021 

"Ginny Weasley; she was smart, athletic, and kind, and she was one of the most talented wizards in Harry Potter. Ginny definitely made me more confident as a person."


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2. Re'Nyqua, Class of 2020

"Rosemarie "Rose" Hathaway from the Vampire Academy is one of my ultimate badass female book characters. The book starts with Rose and her best friend going rogue and I'm a sucker for any character who pushes the limits of what society deems acceptable. Then the book follows Rose as she lays down some pretty badass combat moves during her training to become a guardian. Rose helped me feel empowered to remain as an outspoken woman and proved that women are physically strong too! I wouldn't say Rose inspired me to change my life, but the character did affirm some personality traits that I was (sometimes) timid to express like biting sarcasm and competitiveness."


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3. Caroline, Class of 2021

"Hermione from Harry Potter because she was so smart and strong and always saving everyone’s ass but didn’t demand all the credit that Harry always got. She taught me that being a smart woman was such a great thing and that it’s ok to be yourself and be confident because that’s who you are."


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4. Alaba, Class of 2021

"Inej Ghafa from The Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo. Inej was amazingly dedicated and steadfast to her beliefs. She was kidnapped and sold into prostitution but managed to rise above all that and become the best spider (spy) in town. She made herself useful where many would be useless and I found that to be extremely powerful. Her mental and physical strength made me realize that I'm strong as well, if I let myself be. Inej didn't depend on anybody for validation, and gradually, I'm learning that too."


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5. Saman, Class of 2021

"Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl. She is brave, highly intelligent, and independent. She loves to learn about everything! Matilda also thinks for herself and comes to her own conclusions despite other adults telling her otherwise. When she sees injustice, she does what she can to end it. Her morals and wisdom allow her to distinguish what is right and wrong, and she works to get justice not only for herself, but her entire school. I also love her relationship with Miss Honey; it shows how strong female relationships can be. I first read the book in elementary school, and since then I wanted to be like Matilda. I think she encourages me, even now as a college student, to stand up for what is right and to pursue your interests even if people around you do not approve. I would say she taught me about moral courage and open-mindedness."


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 All these novels have done something amazing. They have included a female character who has inspired a real young woman in her own life. I hope to see a continuation of badass women in novels in the future, and I can’t wait to add some of these books to my reading list. Happy reading everybody!

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Georgia Merdinger - Marymount Manhattan College

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