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Jan 28 2018
by Georgia Merdinger

7 Signs You're a Bookworm

By Georgia Merdinger - Jan 28 2018

I can shamelessly say that I am a bookworm. I’ve loved reading since I first learned how to do it and I love it now. Over the years I have noticed a few traits I took on because of my bookworm tendencies and I can honestly say I wouldn't have it any other way. So here we have it. Seven signs you too may be a bookworm. 

1. You need a bigger bookshelf.

One bookshelf will never be enough. I find myself constantly trying to arrange my bookshelf like a game of tetris hoping my books will all fit, but they never do. It's time to take a trip to Ikea.

2. You start becoming the character.

Have you ever read a book for so long you start to think you are the character? I once read the entire Harry Potter series in such short amount of time I developed a British accent and tried to cast spells on my family.

3. You say, "The book was better than the movie!"

Look, I know this is annoying but it's almost always true! I know when walking into a theater to see one of my favorite novel adaptations I keep my expectations relatively low. But I can't help but utter those dreaded words to my annoyed friends. Oops.

4. You miss out on plans because you're reading a really good chapter.

Have you ever been reading such a heart-pumping, captivating chapter you can't dare move from where you sit? So you then shamelessly text your friends saying you aren't feeling well and can't hang out. I'm guilty.

5. You spend most of your money on books.

When you receive a check from your minimum wage, part-time job there is no question where it is inevitably headed. I have blown a good amount of money at Barnes & Noble. Worth it.

6. You pray for a rainy day because it will give you an excuse to read all day.

Have you ever looked at the cloudy, wet weather and just smile because you know you have an excuse for not leaving your home? You just find yourself lounging around the house with a cup of hot tea and a book under your arm. Here's to lousy weather! Us bookworms love it.

7. You thought the best part of Beauty and the Beast was the library.

OK, let's be real here, fellow bookworms. When watching Beauty and the Beast, none of that romance stuff even mattered. The real star of the show was that gorgeous library. Every bookworm's dream to be honest. 

So there you have it. Seven signs you just might be a bookworm too. Happy reading bookworms, never change! 

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Georgia Merdinger - Marymount Manhattan College

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