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Jul 01 2017
by Gauri Mangala

This Mom Does Not Know What Her Own Dog Looks Like

By Gauri Mangala - Jul 01 2017

Meet Duey - the Jack Russell Terrier that has taken the internet by storm.

"He's kind of an asshole," described owner and co-star of Duey's Twitter takeover, Jeff Squires, in an interview with Fresh U via Twitter. "When no one's around he's pretty lazy and sleeps all day, but when anything disturbs him he goes nuts, he barks up a storm, and whines, and runs around for potentially over an hour.  He'll attack anything with a motor; he bites the vacuum and barks at cars.  One time, he bit a chainsaw.  It was running but the chain wasn't spinning."

It all started when Squires, a senior at Midview High School, tweeted screenshots of a text conversation with his mother captioned "Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like" in which she mistakes another random white dog for Duey. Oh, and spells his name wrong.

"I kind of  made that face that Jim from The Office makes when Michael Scott does something dumb," Squires said.


Squires has gained incredible fame on Twitter over his hilarious tweet.  "[I am] pretty shocked, I've never gotten nearly this much online notoriety before, and dealing with all the attention and my phone blowing up constantly has been pretty fun overall."

Many people on Twitter have been sending Squires "Is Duey okay?" tweets with many large, white creatures that are also not Duey.

All in all, I think that it is safe to say that we will not be forgetting what Duey looks like anytime soon.

Lead image: @jeff_jssj via Twitter

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Gauri Mangala - Gettysburg College

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