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Sep 07 2016
by Gabrielle Fogarty

8 Reasons Staying Close to Home for School is a Good Thing

By Gabrielle Fogarty - Sep 07 2016

When making your college decision, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Many people may tell you to leave home and never come back. Personally, I wanted to! I made the decision to stay close to home and am happy with that choice. Here are eight things you should factor into your decision of staying home or getting out. 

1. Home cooked meals.

Campus food gets old over time, and nothing is better than a home cooked meal. No matter how close or far you are to home, there is no doubt in that you’ll be craving your favorite dish sooner or later. Being able to call up Mom and convince her to make it for you is always a plus. Not to mention, Ramen noodles and Easy Mac get old really fast. 


2. Laundry at home. 

Doing laundry at school is a frustrating experience. You never know if the washers are available and which dryers are broken, and the chance that people will take your stuff out if you are a minute late to the cycle ending is pretty high. Living close to home gives you the opportunity to do your own laundry on your own time! Also, never having to worry about your clothes being taken out of the cycle is a great feeling.


3. Getting to see your dog.

Believe it or not, you will miss your dog. Living close to home allows you to go home and play with your furry pal whenever you choose. After all, dogs are a man's best friend.


4. Forgetting things at home.

“I forgot…” No worries! Just drive home and get it! You don’t have to worry about shipping costs or the wait time for items when you need it. It could be as simple as a piece of clothing or as serious as that calculator you need for the first day of Stats class.


5. Leaving clothes you don't need at home.

Nothing is more annoying than having to cram four seasons worth of clothes into one dorm closet. Living close to home allows you to leave your seasonal clothes at home until you need them. You’ll never know how nice this is until you have to store your winter coats, hats and boots.


6. Ahhhhhh Choo!

Living in a college dorm, you are bound to get sick. Having a parent close to you to tell you what medicine to get or even letting you lay at home while you have the flu is better than suffering in your dorm. It helps if your normal doctor is around as well! Nothing's better than chicken noodle soup and your own bed when you’re sick.


7.  Family events. 

It’s your mom's 40th birthday and you’re stressed about making it home, but no worries! You don’t have to worry about booking a last minute flight or packing all your stuff, because you live close enough away. This is so convenient for major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Grandma's 90th.


8. Familiarity 

If you live near campus and have a car you can be the chauffeur for your friends! Show them all your favorite spots around town. If you just wanna cruise by yourself knowing where things are, it's so comforting and convenient. Familiarity is a good thing when adjusting to college life and being able to drive to a favorite spot can be the best. 


Whether you go 15 minutes or 15 hours away, college is a brand new experience. New experiences, people and places will follow you wherever you decide to go! I hope you factor in these eight things when making your decision. 

Lead Image Credit: thatsphotography via Pixabay

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Gabrielle Fogarty - Niagara University

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