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Jun 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Your Pet Fish Might be Able To Recognize You, A New Study Says

By Fresh U Editors - Jun 07 2016
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If you were considering getting a fish in college, this new research might convince you. 

CNN reports that new research has found that fish can actually distinguish familiar human faces from unfamiliar ones. The study was done by scientists at the University of Oxford in the U.K. and the University of Queensland in Australia by studying archerfish, a tropical fish that can shoot water to knock insects out of trees. 

Giphy. The laser is for dramatic effect.

The scientists trained the fish to shoot water at a picture of a face by bribing them with food. Then, they brought in up to 44 unfamiliar pictures of faces and 81% of the time, the fish could pick the correct face to shoot water at. Even when the scientists made the pictures black and white, the fish could still pick the familiar face 86% of the time. 

So what does this mean for your pet fish? A scientist speaking to CNN said that this doesn't mean every fish can recognize familiarity because it depends on their ability to see. 


So if you want a fish that maybe cares a little bit about your existence – or at least somewhat recognizes you over others – try getting an archerfish. That whole spitting water thing might not work out so well for a dorm, though. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixar

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