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Nov 03 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Your November Bucket List

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 03 2015

With all the stress of never-ending midterms and extracurriculars, it can be hard to take the time to do something for yourself. This month, do something you haven't done before. Explore the parts of campus you've ignored. Explore your city. Talk to someone new. See if you can check one (or all!) these activities off your November bucket list:

1. Study in a building you've never visited

You know that building you always walk past, but you don't know its name or what it's for? Go in there one day. Bring your books, your laptop, your chargers; see if you can find a new study spot. You might be surprised how many hidden gems there are outside of your go-to place.

2. Explore your city

Not your campus — your city. If it's two months into the school year and you've yet to ~really~ venture off-campus to explore nearby downtown (this doesn't totally apply to colleges in the middle of big cities), see what it has to offer. Instead of spending a Saturday in your dorm, figure out transportation — Uber, bus, etc. — and head downtown. You might discover cool coffee shops, unique stores and amazing restaurants, and it'll be a nice break from the scenery you've been seeing everyday for the past two months. 

3. Take a Hike

This will obviously depend on where your college is located, but take advantage of being outside before it gets unbearably cold and the leaves completely fall off the trees. 

4. Go off the grid

Take a day to completely disconnect from social media. Maybe this is the day you decide to go for a hike or explore downtown. Take the day off from checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and seeing everyone's party pics from the night before. Read a book, write poetry, go for a walk. But don't Instagram it — experience it. 

5. Meet new people

No really, make conversation with at least 10 people you don't know. It's harder than it seems. A few months into the school year, you know who your friends. You sit next to the same people in class, you go out with the same people, you Snapchat the same people. It's easy to get comfortable with the people who have become your inner circle, but it's never a bad time to expand that circle. Maybe the girl who sits on the other side of the classroom has the exact same interests as you. Maybe the guy you always see at the coffee shop tells the funniest jokes. So strike up some new conversations. You never know what it could turn into. 

6. Read a book

Not for class, for pleasure. Reading a book is one of those things you always plan on doing, but rarely find the time to do. The mindset most of us have is if it's not for class, it's not a priority. But it shouldn't always be that way. So this month, spend a few hours on a Sunday with a book you've been planning on reading for months.

7. Watch the sunrise

Yes, this is super cliche. But when was the last time you willingly got up early enough to watch the sunrise? You've probably Instagrammed the sunset by now, but you shouldn't forget about the sunrise. Wake up early, find a somewhere on campus that faces the East, and enjoy. Instagram optional. 

8. Do something for yourself

What's something you really enjoy but "haven't had the time" to do? Make this the month you do it. Maybe it's getting a mani-pedi. Maybe it's playing the piano. Maybe it's running a 5k. Whatever it is, carve out some time to do something that makes you feel good. 

9. Go on a Date

No, you don't need to break out Tinder for this one. But go on an actual date this month, either with one of your friends or the person you've had your eye on for the past month. These can range from the classic dinner and a movie to go-karting and getting ice cream after. Whatever you do, do not settle for Netflix and Chill. 

10. Send someone a letter

Take the time to write someone you care about a hand-written letter. This could be your best friend from home, your grandparents, or a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend. Texts and calls are nice, but there's something really special about getting a letter in the mail, even if it's just a reminder you're thinking about them. 

11. Thank your family

When you go home for Thanksgiving, don't just use it as excuse to do your laundry and play with your dog. Really thank the people who have been there for you and have helped you get to college in the first place. And don't just say it with words; help out around the house without being asked; take your Mom or Dad out for coffee; spend time with your little sibling doing whatever they want; listen to your grandparent's stories from when they were in college. It's easy to get caught up in your own life and forget to appreciate people you really care about — make sure this is the month they know how much you do. 

Lead Image Credit: Jordan McQueen

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