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Dec 27 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Winter Break So Far, As Told By Corgis

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 27 2015

When you get to drive your car again

When you realize you don't have any assignments due so you can live life for the first time in a while

When you came back from break and there were actually presents under the tree for you

When your Mom made you and your sibling pose for a holiday card

When you check for the 100th time to see if your grades have been posted yet 

When someone tries to talk to you when you're 3 seasons deep in a new show

When you run into your Ex at Target

When you link up with the high school squad again

When it was 60 degrees so you enjoyed the weather and ignored the fact that the world might be ending

When you drank too much at your family's holiday party and you're trying to act chill

When someone offers you real food

When you see the Star Wars movie and can't stop talking about how you saw the new Star Wars movie

When it's Day 9 and you miss college so you just start contemplating life

When all you want to do is chill in bed, so you do

When you realize that break is going way faster than you thought it would. 

S/O to the Corgis_Bot Twitter account for all the Corgi photos. 

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