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Nov 28 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Which Stressed Out Emoji Are You?

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 28 2015

1. Upside Down Smile Emoji

It's 10pm and you haven't started your essay yet that's due at 8am. Your laptop keeps crashing. Everyone around you is being louder than usual. But you're trying to keep a positive attitude. You're just going to smile through the adversity because you know you'll get everything done and everything will be OK. But at the same time, you're thinking: "I am so beyond screwed :) :) :)".

2. Weird Hand Emoji

There's something about the weird hand emoji that's just screams "Look at all the work I have to do, lol it's fine!" This is the emoji that started their work early but still aren't close to finishing. They're stressed out, but they're pretending they're not. They'll be working through the night. 

3. Blank Face Emoji

You're so stressed out, you don't even have words. You know you have a bunch of work to do, but you don't know where to begin. You're not talking about your stress — you're just living through it. 

4. Thinking Emoji

You're still calm because you're contemplating your next move. But your stress levels are rising as you think about how you can possibly fit 20 hours of homework into 8 hours. But you are smart. You are a thinker. You will prevail.

5. Embarrassed/Overwhelmed Emoji

You don't know WTF you're going to do. Although this emoji can also be interpreted as embarrassed, it can also be the stressed out emoji of pure overwhelmed-ness. You're embarrassed that you left it all to the last minute, but you also don't know where to start or who to complain to. So you'll just sit in wide-eyed horror until you figure out a plan. 

6. Crying Emoji

You're not even trying to keep it together at this point. The tears have come and you're accepting it. Maybe if you stress-cry enough it will clear your mind and you can focus again. Hopefully.

7. Disappointed Emoji

You're sort of bummed. You're bummed that you can't relax with Netflix, you're bummed that your assignments aren't turning out how you hoped, and you're bummed that college is more stressful than they all made it out to be. Life is hard. 

8. Half-Blue Distressed Emoji

You are at peak stress. You have three tests, two papers, and a group project all due before semester's end. Nobody seems to have as much work as you, so you can't even commiserate. And no one in your group project will cooperate with what you're trying to do. ~Stress~

9. Very Distressed Emoji

You are very stressed out, but you think you have more to do than you actually do. If you would just take 30 minutes to stop stressing and figure out a plan of action, you'd find that you might only have two or three hours of work you have to do. 

10. Skull Emoji

It's over. Stress has consumed you and you're calling it quits on the semester. Better luck next time. 10/10 would not recommend. 

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