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Mar 23 2016
by Fresh U Editors

We Asked Freshmen on Twitter About Their #MajorsVSDreamJob

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 23 2016

Tuesday, we published an article by Isabella Barricklow called "These Freshmen Shared Their Majors Vs. Their Dream Jobs". The article featured side-by-side pictures of freshmen at Central Michigan University sharing what they're majoring in, and what their dream jobs would be if they didn't have to worry about making money or going to college. After the response we got from the article, we decided to take the question to Twitter and asked our followers (most of who are freshmen, but there might be a few sophomores and juniors mixed in), to tweet their major vs. their dream job with the #MajorsVSDreamJob. Here are some of the great answers we got: 

Some people's majors weren't directly related to their dream jobs:

These majors could definitely lead to these dream jobs:

Some of the jobs are dreams for all of us: 

But all the tweets proved one thing – your major may or may not directly relate to your dream job, but that doesn't mean it can't be a reality one day!

Check out all the tweets and share your own #MajorsVSDreamJob!

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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