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Feb 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

17 Tweets That Will Hit Home If You Haven't Decided On a Major

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 07 2016

1. They said...

2. Getting into college wasn't the hard part :(

3. Where is the lie?

4. It's a life changing decision. 

5. You're not wrong

6. We can't all be #blessed

7. Stay positive.

8. Right???

9. Trying to figure out your class schedule is so much harder

10. Sometimes you don't know how to feel. 

11. Having to deal with the occasional comments like these are annoying AF.

12. This would make it so much easier though

13. There's nothing to feel bad about, but this is a good idea.

14. Why :(

15. But in the end, you know that the reason you're undecided is because you're interested in so many things and it can be hard to narrow it down...

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